Liverpool owner John Henry makes a shocking statement after League title win

Liverpool owner John Henry makes a shocking statement after League title win

John Henry Have taken through his social media handle to thank the club coach and his men over League title win

Liverpool owner John W Henry was very happy and saluted a 'premier season for the ages' from the Reds as the coach Jurgen Klopp's men were crowned the champion of the premier title on Thursday night.

Liverpool dropped only seven points throughout their premier campaign this season before been officially declared as the premier league title winner after Chelsea beat Mancity 2-1 at Stamford Bridge.

The Red has won 28 out of their 31 league matches, making them have 23-points advantage above the second position club, City.

The newly-crowned Premier League champion Liverpool has been without the premier title since 1990 when they had their last league title before this current one.

The Reds have won the premier league title for 18 times since the club started in 1892 by the founder John Houlding, with the current league title, 

Liverpool will be one league title away from Manchester United who has won the title 20 times in history.


The principal owner of the club, Henry, take over the club in October 2010 after ending the deceitful seasons of the former owner's Tom Hicks and George Gillett when he paid the asking price of £300million and take over the club.

Since Henry takes over the club, Liverpool has been on a gradual transformation till to this present time.
According to Henry, send your congratulatory message to Jurgen and his team by placing a Premier LeaThe principle trophy on our map online.

After celebrating his 10 years anniversary of the purchase on the horizon for owners Fenway Sports Group, 

The club owner Henry through his Twitter handle shared his joy and reveal his gratitude at seeing his club been crowned the champions of England for a 19th time.

Henry tweeted; 'this season was a season for the ages and for the faithful of the Liverpool Football Club. it has been a great moment and an incredible season of magnificent achievement by the club culminating tonight in capturing the Premier League title.

'The whole world has watched the fierce achievement of the club and their determination on the field for every single match - how there prepare for matches,

their resolutions and the talents of many that were put together perhaps the greatest league performance ever in any country's football history.


'This was an addition to the European championship won, the super Cup and the club world Cup Championship - 

the totality of these achievements has brought more respite and joy to so many people in a year filled with so much sorrow. Liverpool has made this beautiful game looks much more beautiful than ever.

'it is said, 'we are Liverpool, 'you, fans are also Liverpool in every sense and you will always continue to drive the club forward - a club made of history, still maintains it's history.'


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