Damaging Mikel Arteta report emerges, as Arsenal boss faces Emirates mutiny

Damaging Mikel Arteta report emerges, as Arsenal boss faces Emirates mutiny

Arsenal's first cracks have apparently emerged, with the squad uncertain about manager Mikel Arteta, who is facing dressing room unrest.

That's according to The Sun, who have an exclusive that reveals "growing animosity from players" against the Arsenal manager. 

It's the first time since his arrival from Manchester City 15 months ago that the Spaniard has been the center of attention. Last season, Arteta led Arsenal to FA Cup glory and an eighth-place finish.

 However, they have not done any better this time around, and they now face a final fight in Europe.


The players are reportedly "disappointed" that they are being blamed for Arsenal's issues rather than the head coach.

According to the article, "some" of the squad believe the Spaniard is wearing "emperor's new clothes." Arteta has a reputation for talking a good game but failing to produce results on the ground.

There is a sense among the players that Arteta is avoiding accountability and instead of blaming the players. 

According to the paper, players have noticed that the boss often reacts to losses by leaving out a big name the following week.

As a result, players now believe they are personally liable. On several occasions, Captain Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang has been overlooked. 

Following Liverpool's 3-0 loss, he was left out of the Europa League draw with Slavia Prague.

The forward later became ill and was unable to play in the weekend's victory over Sheffield United.

‘Arteta will lose his work.'

Damaging Mikel Arteta report emerges, as Arsenal boss faces Emirates mutiny

“It is suspected that striker Aubameyang's treatment has not gone unnoticed among the players, with other big names experiencing similar issues,” the study says.

Arteta's tactics and management practices are allegedly being challenged. Arsenal's "lack of a team identity" is also a source of concern.

The revelations will only fuel speculation that Arteta's work in north London is in jeopardy.

Former Tottenham striker Darren Bent believes Arteta will be fired if the club's league place does not improve this season.

“In terms of how easily he [Arteta] picked up a prize, the early signs were very good. Yes, this season has been extremely unreliable. 

But I don't want Arsenal to become a club where managers are constantly fired; at some point, you have to give someone a chance.

“The FA Cup hides a lot of flaws, and if Arsenal exits the Europa League in tenth or eleventh place, I think he'll be fired,” Bent told talkSPORT.


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