Kroenke leaves Arsenal fans heart-broken and disappointed yet again

Kroenke leaves Arsenal fans heart-broken and disappointed yet again

These top six clubs should be ashamed of themselves, but Stan Kroenke of Arsenal, of course, deserves no less.

Despite the fact that plans were in the works, I never imagined this would happen. I'm aware that nothing has been signed, sealed, or shipped, but with how enthusiastic these boards seem to be, anything is possible!

I have no doubt that Kroenke's willingness to sign up is motivated by his position at the top of the food chain for this super league to succeed; it is an outright betrayal of the club's staff, players, and fans, but why should we demand loyalty and respect from him?


Without the supporters, this club would not be where it is today; without the fans, stadiums would be vacant and sponsorship would be non-existent over the years.

It's no surprise that Kroenke will be the driving force behind this if he is, given that the club has been unable to win the Premier League or any European League since he took some sort of board position at Arsenal, where he sits back and counts his money, despite being FA Cup record holders.

So it's no surprise that he wants to join this league because it will allow him to play for a season without fear of missing out on European football the following season, while also removing all else that we've come to love about watching Arsenal and the Premier League over the years.

Many people would feel differently if he placed his hand in his pocket and showed us love, commitment, 

Kroenke leaves Arsenal fans heart-broken and disappointed yet again

and overall enthusiasm to bring this club back to where it belongs by buying players that would actually support us going forward, 

and investing as he should, rather than panic buying and claiming there aren't enough funds and behaving as if he doesn't care. 

But we all know that the reported £3.5 billion that will go into each of these clubs' pockets once they sign up will go straight into KROENKE'S pocket instead of investing deeply and passionately in a club that is, sadly, just a business venture for him!

This is utterly disgusting and disrespectful towards all fans and players over the years who have given their everything and their heart and soul to support and try and get this club where it belongs to be on the map, 

and yet after all of this, it will be the fans who are heartbroken and disappointed yet again!


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