Chelsea boss Thomas Tuchel 'has Pep Guardiola's number' ahead of Champions League final

Chelsea boss Thomas Tuchel 'has Pep Guardiola's number' ahead of Champions League final

On May 29, Manchester City and Chelsea will face off in the Champions League final.

Rio Ferdinand believes that if there is one boss who can beat Pep Guardiola, it is Chelsea's Thomas Tuchel. 

Since succeeding Frank Lampard in January, the Chelsea manager has already surpassed his opposite number twice, and he hopes to make it three in a row when the two teams meet in the Champions League final.


            Tuchel's side came from behind to win at the Etihad Stadium in the Premier League last Saturday, gaining a slim psychological edge with Istanbul on the horizon.

            Although City has been crowned Premier League champions this season, they are aware that the Blues have what it takes to derail their European ambitions.

            According to BT Sport pundit Rio Ferdinand, Chelsea's two victories over City since Tuchel's arrival at the club cannot be overstated.

            “It seems Tuchel has his number right now. "If there is one manager on the world, it is Tuchel," Ferdinand said.

            "Will there be any spillover from those two results?" Yes, I believe there will be.

            "There will be an underlying doubt, and they will not have a pure 100 percent confidence that they have going into every game."

            “The only thing I'd say about Chelsea is that what he's been able to do against the top teams and in the Champions League has forced teams to change their tactics against them.

            "He's made it scruffy at times; they're a difficult team to play against; they're rugged, ready, violent, swift in transitions, and not an easy team to turn over."

            "Pep knows he's in for a fight this time, and Tuchel is a shrewd boss."

            Although Tuchel was quick to downplay the importance of City's win ahead of their Champions League final meeting, he did confess that his team would go to Turkey with extra confidence because they know they can defeat their opponents.

            "Sure, it gives us hope," he said, according to Sky Sports. "It all comes down to success and trust."

            "We know, and I've said it before and will say it again, that the final is a very special game."

            Since you can never foresee what will happen, you must be well trained.

            "We will make some improvements, and they will make some changes as well, so we will arrive knowing that we are capable of defeating them."

            "This is what we've got, and it's not going to change before the game."

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