Chelsea vs Arsenal: Three lessons learnt in another pathetic outing

Chelsea vs Arsenal: Three lessons learnt in another pathetic outing

This is a strange sensation that I haven't felt in a long time. 

Since Thomas Tuchel's arrival, I've been praising our players, but they let us all down against Arsenal on Wednesday. 

The gift that keeps on giving should be the motto for a match between Chelsea and Arsenal because, despite their poor form, the Gunners have managed to defeat the Blues twice this season. Last season, they also robbed Frank Lampard and his team of the FA Cup.


These are the kinds of games where the worst team wins, and the only "guy" to blame is the team on the field that didn't do enough to win. 

I'd rather see Chelsea lose to a team that deserves it than a team that doesn't. They both hurt, but the former has at least provided closure. 

The game ended 1-0 in favor of Arsenal after Jorginho sent a terrible back pass to Kepa Arrizabalaga, who narrowly moved it off the line, but into the direction of Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang, who laid it on a platter for Emile Smith Rowe to hit into an open net. 

Three points dropped and a result that this team will look back on as insignificant at the end of the season, or may rue if a rebound does not occur.

Here are three takeaways from the game:

1. Finishing should be improved.

Consider the following scenario: it is the 11th minute, and Kai Havertz is on his own against the goalkeeper. What do you believe the result will be? You'd be mistaken if you guessed he scored. 

These situations have occurred not only in this game but throughout the season, costing the team points. It's beyond ludicrous that Chelsea had 19 shots on goal and Arsenal had two, but the Gunners won and the Blues lost. 

Despite several penalty shouts, goals being ruled offside, and hitting the crossbar several times, Chelsea couldn't score for 96 minutes, despite having close to 70% possession. 

When you win, these problems are swept aside, but when you lose and don't score a goal, they become very noticeable.

The Blues' defense has helped them to win games despite not scoring many goals, but what happens when they fall behind? We saw two very different games this week. 

Against Manchester City, the squad rallied in the final minute. However, on Wednesday, the battle was insufficient to cross the finish line.

2. This may be a season-defining game.

I might be overreacting due to my anger at the outcome, but these games really showcase a team's personality. 

We saw a comeback after the West Brom disaster, but Wednesday was different because Chelsea wasn't the worst team on the field. 

When you lose a game you didn't deserve to lose, it can be as demoralizing as any other, particularly when the cup final is just three days away. 

When trophies are on the line on both Saturday and May 29, you need a fast comeback to ensure it doesn't happen again.

I am confident that Thomas Tuchel will convey the message to his team, and with two Premier League games remaining that must be won, hopefully, the players will get the message.

3. Charity FC strikes once more

This is not a lecture, but rather a declaration that I need to get off my chest. First and foremost, Jorginho has evidently missed the memo that Arrizabalaga is prone to straying from his lines on many occasions.

Furthermore, the midfielder feels compelled to hand it back to the keeper without understanding it. I've been saying for a while that Jorghino is a liability under pressure, and his performance today was schoolboy, inappropriate, and he would have been subbed off if there was a substitute on the bench.

Then there was Arsenal, who turned up and was presented with its annual donation by yours truly, Chelsea. It's become an annoyance of late that Arsenal will turn up when the Blues are at their worst, but the Blues don't take advantage of it. 

Chelsea, on the other hand, lets this squad seem bigger than it is. The Blues owe the Gunners' deceptive boss a reprieve, give their supporters hope, and give them bragging rights over Chelsea, regardless of how awful Arsenal is.

If there is one team you do not want to be your bogey team, it is the team with whom you are directly competing to be recognized as the best team in London. 

I'm hoping this is a one-time occurrence because I don't think I can take another loss to Arsenal. To summarize, putting this behind us and winning both the FA Cup and the Champions League would be an excellent solution for such a catastrophic outcome. It is hoped that it will become a possibility.


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