Finance expert reacts to big Arsenal development as £1.5bn negotiations underway

Finance expert reacts to big Arsenal development as £1.5bn negotiations underway

If negotiations between the Premier League and current rights holders stall, Arsenal's broadcast income could plummet.

This is according to finance specialist and Football Insider columnist Kieran Maguire, who spoke exclusively during the division's TV contract negotiations.

The new deal, worth £1.5 billion a year and negotiated with Sky, BT Sport, Amazon, and the BBC, expires in 2022.


According to BBC Sport, the Premier League wants to cancel the forthcoming broadcast rights auction and instead extend the existing contract.

Maguire explains that if these talks fail and the rights are auctioned off on the open market, Arsenal's broadcast income will suffer.

“This new paradigm makes sense from the viewpoint of the Premier League because it gives them certainty,” he told Football Insider correspondent Adam Williams.

“However, I believe the broadcasters would like to pay a little less.

“The French TV contract has fallen through. There are fears that the value of Germany's and Italy's deals will decline.

“We've always said that they want to pay at about the same rate. In terms of what they are willing to pay, this might be a bit of a haircut.

“As a result, Arsenal will receive a smaller share of the overall pot.

“There was some speculation that the Premier League will have the TV or streaming in-house. But there was no certainty in that so who was going to negotiate it right now?

“At the moment, no one trusts anyone.”

Arsenal is currently caught in a corporate tug of war between the new regime KSE and potential owner Daniel Ek.


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