‘I genuinely mean that’ – pundit backs Arsenal man to wreak summer transfer havoc

‘I genuinely mean that’ – pundit backs Arsenal man to wreak summer transfer havoc

Arsenal's left defender According to one pundit, Kieran Tierney has no place in a rotten Arsenal squad and should "get out" this summer.

Following Villarreal's Europa League exit on Thursday, Mikel Arteta is facing renewed demands for his dismissal. 

The Spanish coach had faced criticism for his team's slow start to the season, but the landscape has changed once more. New doubts have arisen about Arteta's ability to properly lead Arsenal's progression.


                  Arteta is expected to remain in charge – at least for the first half of next season – and the summer transfer window would be a pivotal point in either case.

                  Arteta's confidence will be restored if Arsenal brings in more new players and improves their form.

                  However, one pundit argues that one of the club's stars should leave for a "bigger club."

                  Tierney has already shown his value since joining the club from Celtic. However, according to Tam McManus, a former Hibernian player, the full-back is "wasted" at the Emirates Stadium.

                  “There is little about them; they are spineless, to be frank. Kieran Tierney wants to get out of there as soon as possible. He is too fine for Arsenal, in my opinion,” the pundit told PLZ Soccer.

                  “Kieran Tierney can play for anyone in the Premier League, I really believe that. Arsenal, in my opinion, is a top-eight or top-six team at best.

                  “He wants to get out of there, and I believe that this summer, a few bigger clubs will come in for him for bigger money, and he will be able to move on.

                  “I think he's wasting his talent there; he's too good for Arsenal.”

                  The Europa League was Arsenal's best chance of salvaging their season.

                  Not only would this have enhanced Arteta's qualifications, but it would also have guaranteed Arteta's participation in the lucrative Champions League.

                  Indeed, the Gunners' European exit means that there is now just a glimmer of hope that they will see some continental football next season.

                  With a game in hand, they are tenth in the Premier League table, six points behind sixth-placed Tottenham.

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