Josh Kroenke makes big promise to Arsenal supporters after appearance at fans' forum

Josh Kroenke makes big promise to Arsenal supporters after appearance at fans' forum

Following a meeting with Arsenal supporters today, the club's owner made a promise to them.

According to, Josh Kroenke was present at the Arsenal fan forum on Friday afternoon.

The Gunners invited fans from all over the world to a virtual meeting to "discuss the club's plans for potential fan participation."


It comes after thousands of Arsenal fans gathered outside the Emirates Stadium last month to protest the club's American ownership ahead of their 1-0 loss to Everton.

The protest was in reaction to KSE's decision to enter the European Super League without consulting the coaching staff, players, or fans, only to withdraw from the competition 48 hours later.

Josh Kroenke vowed to attend further gatherings after attending a fan's meeting in the immediate aftermath of the Super League debacle. has learned that the American businessman, who is the son of Gunners owner Stan Kroenke, has agreed to attend at least one of the forums every year as part of his efforts to re-establish fan support.

This is unlikely to be enough for many fans, who are expected to oppose KSE's ownership once more when Arsenal plays Brighton at the Emirates for the first time since December.

In recent weeks, their ownership has come under close scrutiny, with Swedish billionaire Daniel Ek attempting to buy it from them.

"Inaccurate rumors emerged today claiming that I have not made an offer for Arsenal Football Club," the Spotify co-founder said earlier this month on Twitter.

"I believe it is important to clarify that an offer was made to both Josh Kroenke and their bankers this week that included fan ownership, board representation, and a golden share for the supporter.

"They responded that they don't need the capital. "I'm still interested in the condition changes."

Dennis Bergkamp, who Ek advised on his attempts to buy the club alongside fellow legends Thierry Henry and Patrick Vieira, announced earlier this week that the Spotify co-founder had made not one, but two attempts to take over Arsenal from the Kroenke's, only to have his efforts rejected.


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