Manchester United fans propose a four-point plan in an open letter to Glazers

Manchester United fans propose a four-point plan in an open letter to Glazers

The Manchester United Supporters' Trust has written an open letter to co-chairman Joel Glazer, asking the club owners to engage in fan consultation to prevent a repeat of Sunday's events at Old Trafford.

MUST state that they do not want to stage further protests, such as the one that resulted in the postponement of the home match against Liverpool, and presented a four-point strategy for moving forward.

"Let me be clear: no one wants what happened at Old Trafford yesterday to become a normal occurrence," the letter said.


"What happened was the culmination of 16 years in which your family's ownership of the club pushed us into debt and deterioration, and we felt increasingly marginalized and ignored."

After 16 years, not a single member of the Glazer family has had even a single conversation with the club's Supporters' Trust.

"That anger reached a boiling point yesterday. We support the right of fans to peacefully demonstrate, and while we have not personally witnessed any such actions, we do not condone any acts of violence.

"None of us want this to go on." We all have more important things to do. As a result, we must devise a strategy for moving forward."

It is rare for a game in the world's richest soccer league to be canceled due to fan protests.

The fact that supporters gained access to the pitch before the teams had arrived at Old Trafford was even more surprising given the strict coronavirus precautions in place around the stadium, which hold games closed to all spectators.

One of the flares fired by fans landed in the stands, where the Sky Sports television team was already broadcasting more than two hours before the scheduled kick-off.

Despite the fact that the demonstration had been declared in advance, thousands of fans were still able to enter the stadium forecourt on Sir Matt Busby Way, with many shouting "We want Glazers out" as flares were set off.

The crowd was only dispersed after baton-wielding police and officers on horseback charged fans as clashes erupted under a rain of flying glass bottles about 20 minutes before kickoff.

After being hit with a bottle, two police officers were injured, with one requiring emergency treatment for a "serious slash wound to his face," according to the Manchester force.

Manchester United said in a statement that claims that protesters were able to enter the stadium and pitch through a gate opened by club workers were false.

According to the club, walls were demolished and doors were pushed open.

It had no intention to see peaceful demonstrators prosecuted, but was collaborating with law enforcement to recognize those engaged in illegal activity.

The club will also impose its own penalties on any identified season ticket holder or participant.

After discussions and agreement with the Premier League, information on rescheduling the game will be published.


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