Manchester United star has hit rock bottom and needs fan support more than ever

Manchester United star has hit rock bottom and needs fan support more than ever

Anthony Martial needs more fan interest than ever before.

Right now, the whole world is conspiring against Anthony Martial. At the very least, that is how he would feel.

After a two-year break, Martial battled his way back into France's international squad. Then, in a World Cup qualifier against Kazakhstan, he sustained a knee injury while providing an assist. It was a stroke of bad luck.


Martial has been out of the Manchester United team for several weeks due to an injury, and he has also been ruled out of the Euros.

This is the lowest point of Martial's career. He is coming off the worst season of his Manchester United career, in which he scored just seven goals.

It's been difficult to watch him this season. From the first match back, he seemed off his game, and he never fully recovered.

His stock has never been lower, particularly with Edinson Cavani arriving and demonstrating what a truly world-class striker is capable of.

Martial finishes the season as United's lowest-scoring forward of the four, and he has regressed.

With more strikers on the way, from the overpriced Harry Kane to the more humble Danny Ings [Telegraph], Martial is struggling for his future.

Despite this, it is important that fans do not give up on him. This season has been difficult for Martial because we know he is capable of more.

Manchester United star has hit rock bottom and needs fan support more than ever

With 23 goals last season, he was United's leading scorer. In the process, he became United's first striker to score a hat-trick in seven years, and he thrived in a central position.

This year's regression was difficult to explain. Extra pressure, increased rivalry, and, at times, a perceived lack of effort were all cited as reasons for his reversal.

That doesn't mean the club or the fans should give up on him completely. There's a decent player in there, even though he's not the long-term solution at center-forward.

Martial is better than his seven goals indicate, and he could return to form next season after a summer off.

Ole Gunnar Solskjaer has shown his management skill by turning around the fortunes of his players. Take a look at Luke Shaw. 

He did it with Martial last season as well, until the Frenchman regressed. There is reason to believe he will restore Martial to his former glory.


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