Jadon Sancho’s Manchester United shirt number revealed in leaked images


Jadon Sancho’s Manchester United shirt number revealed in leaked images

Jadon Sancho will wear the historic No.7 shirt at Manchester United, according to leaked photographs on Pro Direct Soccer, ahead of the club's official reveal.

Man United has finally agreed to sign Sancho after a two-year rollercoaster ride.

That much has been out in the open for nearly two weeks. The deal sparked discussion about the wing wizard's jersey number. And it appears that we have finally learned.


          According to Twitter leaks, the former Dortmund star will not be making his debut in just any old squad number.

          Best, Robson, Cantona, Beckham, Ronaldo, and Owen were all named (OK, you can ignore that last one). The list goes on and on.

          It is the shirt that elevates outstanding athletes to the status of legends. And it is now the property of United's new £73 million signings from Germany.

          It's a lot of pressure, but England's player appears to have the talent and maturity to make it his own.

          Nobody knows what this implies for Edinson Cavani. It's probable that the Uruguayan will obtain the number 9 and Martial will be forced to spend another season mooching grumpily in the shadows.

          Whatever the consequences, it's a great vote of confidence from Ole Gunnar Solskajer for a guy who appears to have all the characteristics of a traditional, flying United winger.

          It's an enticing notion, and supporters might be forgiven for daydreaming about our new number 7 twisting opponents in knots in homage to legends of the past.


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